Who we are

We are a locally family-owned company that supplies ATM machines for businesses in need. Our mission is to provide community businesses with a highly-responsive, hassle-free, no cost service, that will ultimately attract more visitors, increase their foot traffic, and earn them additional revenue.
We look forward to being your Direct Solution!

Our Services

We will deliver, install, replenish, maintain, and service the ATM machine at zero cost to you. You will always be assured that when you choose A&J Direct Solutions as your ATM machine provider, you will receive a premium quality service with a highly responsive team


Incentives to You

• Attract new customers who may not initially be in the need for your services but are in the need for cash.

• Increase your business revenue by eliminating credit card transaction fees.

• Have the potential to earn a commission on each transaction based on your business volume.

• Put an end to customer walk outs in a cash-only business.

• Promote repeat customers and increase loyalty.

Incentives to your customers

• Simplify your customers visit by providing a one-stop shop experience.

• Provide a safer place to withdraw cash.

• Provide convenience to customers making purchases at your business.

How It Works

• We will schedule a short, simple meeting at your establishment so we may have an understanding of your business, volume of traffic, and location of the machine.

• Upon a location agreement, we will set up a time with you to deliver and install your new machine.

• Enjoy all the benefits your new machine will bring to your business!

What Our Clients are Saying

A&J Direct Solutions has been a pleasure from the moment they walked through the door. They made the process quick and easy. The installation was seamless and their customer service has been outstanding. Couldn’t recommend them enough. All my clients are super happy with this addition to my shop


Owner & Operator of Elegant Styles Barber Shop

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